I love this day. What a great way to acknowledge multiple authors for their wonderful work! (This has been the one day I’ve been looking forward to the most) 

Onto the show.

" Katniss licked her lips and looked at the camera, pursing her lips as she considered her next words. "I just…I want him to come home," she said softly. "I—we’re not friends, but—but I want to be. I want to know him better. He’s a good person, and I just want the chance to find out more." " - Keep The Blood in Your Head by atetheredmind (fuckingplebe)

I couldn’t tell you why I did it. Maybe it was something that I’d seen in some cheesy movie, or picked up in a book at some point or another. In my drug-induced haze, it made sense, though. In times when I’m by myself, left alone with my thoughts and able to be truly honest, it still makes sense.

Infinity. Forever. Always.

Those are the things that I felt that night, wrapped up in his arms with the feel of his breath ghosting over my skin. Though I couldn’t say what he wanted to hear, I whispered those three words (in my mind just as powerful as any ’I love you’) against his lips. He had smiled into my declaration and traced the symbol across my lower back and, for a long while, it seemed as if everything was going to be alright. ” - Infinity by BleedtoLoveHer (seamslut)


Do you think you could still love me?

Katniss “


I love you. I don’t know what else to say. But maybe that is enough.

Katniss ” - Reprieve by Sunfish dunes (sunfishdunes)

We are a tangled mess of limbs. I am cocooned in the warmth of his body. No space has been left between us and while I can feel the heat rise in my cheeks from embarrassment, I cannot deny how good it feels to be this close to him. His right leg is folded over my left, which is intimately positioned between both of his. His length is pressed tightly against my abdomen. Warmth spreads deeply in my stomach as I feel him twitch against me. When I move my left hand I find that I have snaked it up under his shirt to nestle against his heart. My face is burning and I try to borrow further into him to hide my crimson cheeks.

Oh my God, he feels so good. ” - Mine by LibertySue (OfDustAndStars)


" I open the next book, and then the next. Tucked between the pages of each chapter that Peeta had said were assigned for homework I find more and more pressed dandelions. There are more than I can hold in both hands.

That’s when it dawns on me that Peeta hasn’t been spending his afternoons at Aspen’s house. He’s been in our meadow until sundown each day, picking flowers for me and hiding them inside my books, where Hollis would never find them. ” - Lion’s Tooth by Alexabe (alexabees)


" "I think my mommy might be inside you. You look like her but more tired. Why are you crying?" Zoe pulled away from her, concerned at the tears in Katniss’s eyes.

Katniss smiled softly. “Because you are so pretty and it makes me very happy,” she replied shakily. ” - All I Know by JLaLa (jlalafics)

" The only noise in our little crawl space was the howling of the wind and the creaking of the protective rubble "Kiss me…" he finally says.

I look up at him. “Peeta, this is hardly the time to make out,” I say, laughing a little.

"We danced to Kiss Me, by Sixpence None the Richer. It was a little fast, but I had wanted you in my arms for so long I was willing to settle…" he sighs, resting his arm on his bent up knee. "I never did find the courage to kiss you," he mutters, sitting down next to me, a dumbfounded look on his face. " - Semper Fidelis by Falafel_Waffel (sassygiroux)

I look out over the wide open space where the bakery once stood and nod my head. My fingers find his wrist and slide down to interlace with his fingers. His calm demeanor gives after a few moments and his real knee collapses, pulling me down with him.

"I’ve got you" I whispered, cradling his head on my chest. " - Just As One Beat Ends by anothertattooedtragedy (erin-babbit)

There are SO many more that I’m missing, I’m sure…