Hey, cat friends…

How many of you let your furbabies sleep in your room and/or roam around the house/apartment at night? For as long as I can remember, our cats have always had complete range of the house, but it seems to be not the norm.

Femininity, Masculinity, and Tropes That Need To Stop: Part III (Excerpt)

The alpha male is a really, really tricky character, in my opinion, because a writer is walking a razor edge—one wrong phrase and he goes from “guy who likes to be in control” to “rapist.”  This is made worse by the way that we as a society just accept men being dismissive of women’s requests.  A man should never, ever say “If you want me to stop tell me now, because pretty soon I won’t be able to.”  That is not sexy, that is a warning that he considers consent to be a one time thing and your no is invalid once he says it is I want us to decouple “man who is attractively in control of things” and “man who ignores a woman’s wishes” because those are two very different things.  We need to start demanding better alpha males—men who not only hear the word “no” and react appropriately, but also men who actively seek the woman’s consent.  Being proactive about consent is not incongruous with a man who “knows what he wants” because it means he also wants someone who knows what she wants and recognizes that that’s equally important.

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Damn. It’s hard to find good FFM pictures that aren’t skanky.

Poly triads cuddle, don’t they?!? I need these pics for…reasons…


mig14 asked:

Can you comment on the allegations that you are, in fact, amazing? 4000 words kthxbye



Anonymous asked:

do you feel like there are cliques around tumblr?


I feel like there are definitely groups of users on tumblr who are closer to one another but I believe that is 100% normal in any group that grows in size. Smaller groups are inherently more stable than large groups but whether that makes them “cliques” or not is I guess more debatable.


chrissytron asked:

What kind of wine is poured? Also, why isn't Nebraska just slaughtering Northwestern?


It’s the SUPER FANCY 2013 Chevalier De Dyonis Pionet Noir ;)

Also. Because we apparently have no offense. And Northwestern is a slippery team. They’re pretty inconsistent, which is a super big problem for us. Blerg.

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When your period does the thing where you think it’s done and it’s really not…


What are you going as?

Thanks to a suggestion by yourpeetaisshowing, I am going as a monkey! I need to get my tail/ears tomorrow at the party shop but the majority of the costume is done. And…made up of actual clothing that I would wear again. I also kind of want to manipulate the t-shirt I bought buuuut I may not have the time/talent for that ;)

Sitting is not inherently difficult. But look at my pointed feet and strong lines!! #polefitness #polelove